Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The perfect gift.

It was the most beautiful package she had ever seen. The box was gold in color, with a shimmer that made you want to touch it. The ribbon, tied with such delicacy, seemed to float as it wrapped from the bottom of the box, up the sides and into the most perfect bow that sat on the very center of the top of the box. The bow was the deepest of red in color as it swooped along the box. As she neared the box, admiring its beauty, she realized that attached to the bow was a gold card. Her curiosity drew her in as she reached her hand out and opened the card to see who this lovely gift was for. Inside the card read...

My precious child I give you,
a gift you'll never see,
don't leave the ribbon tied,
it's the blood that's shed of me.

The box I give you holds,
A gift from me alone,
So open up the pretty box,
Your sins it will atone.

This gift, it is forever,
So don't forget its there,
Keep some of it for you,
The rest of it you share.

She smiled as she picked up the beautiful box, for she had realized that this most perfect gift was for her.... for her to open, for her to keep, for her to share, and for her to LOVE. God's most perfect gift was for HER.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Bravery is fighting for something you believe in.
Bravery is serving your brother.
Bravery is loving even when you don't want to.
Bravery is putting others before yourself.
Bravery is continuing to pray for a hurting nation.
Bravery is standing for freedom.
Bravery is forgiving those who have done wrong.
Bravery is looking past fear and into the eyes of HOPE.

I am proud to be from a country that continues to stand strong and brave through the trials of tragedy and war.
To those who have lost, those who fight, and those who lead...
We remember September 11, 2001.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

He waits.

He waited. Patiently. Quietly. Hoping that this time she would show up. They used to meet here every day, and for some reason she had just stopped coming lately. He wondered what kept her from coming. Was she too busy? Had she found somewhere else to go? Had she overslept? Did she just not want to spend time with him anymore? Needless to say, he was hurt, really hurt. He realized that he had been stood up. He had been stood up, and she wasn't coming today, or tomorrow, but he waited with the hope that she would come soon. He didn't leave. He waited...and waited...and waited.

She was busy. But not busy in the way that most people refer to busy, running around getting things done. No. She was busy in the "I'm not doing nothing, I'm just not doing something" kind of way...distant, occupied, and consumed with things that left her feeling empty. She didn't meet him today, she was busy.

He waits. Patiently. Quietly. Disappointed. Hoping that this time she will show up... Hoping that this time she will make time. Hoping that she will realize that he isn't going to meet her when she wants to show up, he is going to wait on her till she does. Patiently...quietly...lovingly...Fatherly...He waits with the unconditional love that only our Heavenly Father can give.