Friday, February 10, 2006

Gay's Pink Angels

It's a bird, a plane,
No, not what you think,
Ladies flying for Gay,
And they're all about pink.

Angels from God,
Watching over their friend,
No doubt they will be there,
To fight and defend.

Every day is a battle,
But it's not the war,
Her angels lift her up,
They help her to score.

She's strong and she's brave,
But that isn't enough,
She needs all her angels,
They help her to be tough.

Pink is for strength,
Faith and love do their part,
Illness may have her body,
But God holds her heart.

-for Gay F.
Please pray for her and her pink angels!


JNR said...

Thank you :)

Mark D said...

If I had to guess, is it breast cancer? I run the "Race for the Cure" every year in my city so I am part of a big sea of pink during that event. I will keep Gay in prayer.

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