Thursday, December 08, 2005

Since 3

Since 3, I've had this friend,
He was always by my side,
He was young, silly, and goofy,
And his smile he could not hide.

He grew to awkward teens,
Wore a t-shirt in the pool,
Did all the things that boys do,
Played sports and went to school.

I wasn't around for Sr. high,
But I know he grew up fast.
Had more friends than I ever could,
Never lingered on the past.

This boy he is a boy no more,
He's now become a man.
The boy who once admired me,
I'm now his biggest fan.

My advice is no longer good,
He's learning it on his own.
He's more mature than I know,
I'm amazed at how he's grown.

He's faithful, strong, wise and brave;
Resourceful and always clever.
No matter where he goes in life,
That boy will be my brother.

for SJR


jnr said...

thanks for always being a loving and supportive big sis!!

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