Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The perfect gift.

It was the most beautiful package she had ever seen. The box was gold in color, with a shimmer that made you want to touch it. The ribbon, tied with such delicacy, seemed to float as it wrapped from the bottom of the box, up the sides and into the most perfect bow that sat on the very center of the top of the box. The bow was the deepest of red in color as it swooped along the box. As she neared the box, admiring its beauty, she realized that attached to the bow was a gold card. Her curiosity drew her in as she reached her hand out and opened the card to see who this lovely gift was for. Inside the card read...

My precious child I give you,
a gift you'll never see,
don't leave the ribbon tied,
it's the blood that's shed of me.

The box I give you holds,
A gift from me alone,
So open up the pretty box,
Your sins it will atone.

This gift, it is forever,
So don't forget its there,
Keep some of it for you,
The rest of it you share.

She smiled as she picked up the beautiful box, for she had realized that this most perfect gift was for her.... for her to open, for her to keep, for her to share, and for her to LOVE. God's most perfect gift was for HER.


Katie said...

aims i love how you paint such a wonderful picture of what is in your mind

Ben said...


Funny... that gift had my name on it too. ;)

Stephanie said...

I really enjoyed reading this, it made me stop and think. Thank You