Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daughter of a KING

As I watched the royal wedding back in April, I sat back and dreamed of the dress, of the castle, of the glamor, of the wealth, of the power, of the prince...  what a life!  We dream of this fairytale life where we are swept off our feet and into the life of royalty.  It seems so glamorous until I take notice of all the scrutiny that also comes with such a crown.  Every slip up and fault is noticed; so many observant eyes follow her every move.  While the perks are many, there are also many people who sit back and say "why would anyone chose that life? That's forever." 

A friend of mine recently painted "Daughter of the King" onto her unborn daughters bedroom wall and it got me thinking... I'm royalty too.  I wasn't born into this kingdom, but just like Kate, I have chosen a life of royalty and all that comes with it.  I may be persecuted, I may be chastised, and I may be praised... no matter how others treat me, I know that I have been promised the kingdom.  It's mine, and nothing can take that away.  I am the daughter of the King.

As we near father's day, I remember all that my earthly father has done for me.  He has provided for me, taught me, mentored me, and loved me... through the highs and the lows... he is there through it all.  This fathers day, I while I will take time to thank my father for all that he has done and continues to do in my life... I also want to remember my heavenly father... my king... the one who promises me the kingdom.  I am the daughter of a KING.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hero in Camo

I could pick up a book, or rent a good flick
But the thought of the war just leaves me sick.

I have no idea what a day must be like,
How much he must miss his home and his wife.

Life doesn't stand still, but we'll wait patiently
For our soldier to return back to us safely.

When he gets here, we'll cherish each day as a gift,
His presence so precious, so many he uplifts.

The result of his work is something he may not see,
But his passion's always there for keeping us free.

It's God who arms him with strength to go on,
He's our hero in camo whether home or whether gone.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have a beautiful house filled with things I don't need.
I pay my bills each month never truly worrying about the next.
I am healthy and fit and I look younger than I am.
I am educated and it didn't cost me a penny.
I have a job that I love and students who love me.
I am appreciated by my co-workers and my boss.
My friends pray for me even when I don't ask for it.
My family supports and encourages me in all that I do. 
My husband loves me and tells me daily.
My God is patient and shows me what He sees in me...even when I don't see it.

Satan, you won't win this one...  I am too blessed.