Friday, May 12, 2006


To be a hero you must be,
Strong and wise and brave,
Fighting for the ones you love,
Never hesitate to save.

A hero fights the good fight,
For the things that they hold dear,
To shield, protect and guard against,
The things that we all fear.

I have a hero in my life,
She is my longest friend,
She's been there through the ups and downs,
To love and to defend.

She sometimes makes me angry,
We say sorry after we fight,
Although I don't admit to her,
I know she's mostly right.

Her love is unconditional,
Even when I treat her bad,
She knows and sees what's in my heart,
Despite the mistakes I've had.

My hero is what I hope to be,
I could never find another.
She is the one I look to first,
My hero, I call Mother.

Happy Mother's Day, I love you Mom!

1 comment:

JNR said...

Thank you, Sweetie--you make me very proud! I love you, too!