Thursday, February 16, 2006


Hello?...silence... Are you there?... silence... Can you hear me? ...silence... Is there anybody out there? .... silence ...

She waits, frustrated, beaten down, longing for answers, longing for guidance.

God's here, I know he is! He always has been, and always will be, but why won't He talk to me? I need to hear His voice. People talk of these high points of prayer, you know the ones where they felt moved, or heard God loud and clear about what they should do and who they should be. I want that! Is that too much to ask? God, can I have that? Why won't you speak to me? ... listen... listen.... listen... silence... sigh.

Feeling defeated, she looked at Him. He motioned her closer, and she went. In the silence, she climbed up and into His lap. She nuzzled her head into His chest, closed her eyes, and she was silent...


Katie said...


JCR said...

It certainly is hard to sit and wait for His message sometimes, but you and I both know that it pays off in the end. Nice post.

Mark D said...

Made me think of one of my favorite Geoff Moore and the Distance songs, called "Listen and Learn":

(Verse 1)
Seems my life is filled with so many words
Always doing my very best to be heard
And I've been quick to tell You
What I think You should do
But what I really need the most
Is just the hear from You

(Verse 2)
Listening isn't easy, listening can be hard
It tears at the defenses
Of words that guard our hearts
Though it may be hard to hear
I'll put aside my words
And wait to hear from You

I will wait for You in silence
I will wait to learn from You
Please meet me in this quiet moment
And whisper Your words of truth

When I listen to You, That's when I learn
Of Your love for me, and Your longing to lead
Me through every turn
So I'll go with You to a quiet place
Where Your heart can be heard
And I will listen to You
I will listen and learn

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