Friday, July 21, 2006

The Path

She walked along the rugged path,
In search of something real,
Never knowing what it was she’d need,
Never knowing what she’d feel.

The path it was a winding one,
With bumps and turns and curves,
She stumbled and she fell sometimes,
Never doubting the God she serves.

Her winding path did merge,
To find the perfect man,
Their match was of God’s timing,
They were obedient to his plan.

Now hand in hand they go,
Along the path of life,
Their dreams had now come true,
He asked her to be his wife.

Their love became complete,
One and one can now be two,
God blessed all they had found,
They’re some of the lucky few.

She used to walk the rugged path,
But now she’s found what’s real,
To never walk alone again,
Their forever love God seals.

*For my dear friends Ryan and Leah who are getting married this weekend. Congrats!