Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Today Than Yesterday

Wake in the morn to see the sun,
I grow and I learn of new to come,
Working hard so I can play,
More today than yesterday.

Friends and family I hold dear,
Without their love, my fall I fear,
Strong and proud to guide my way,
More today than yesterday.

I needed something else in life,
To be a mother and a wife,
For a man to love me till I'm grey,
More today than yesterday.

Through sickness, and through healthy times,
The ups and downs that we will climb,
For many years to come, I pray,
More today than yesterday.

My heart has found it's perfect hand,
Through it all with me he stands,
Our love gets better day by day,
More today than yesterday.


JCR said...

Beautiful, Aim...I love you.

Katie said...

i second the beautiful and love watching you and the one who holds your hand

andea said...

Oh this is really lovely...fantastic! You come up with some really amazing poems.

Ben said...

You should add too it... a few verses of More tomorrow than today... just a thought. Great job... glad you are in love! ;)

Ben said...

to it... not too it.

jes said...

Wow. That was beautiful. Especially because I just finished reading your engagement story (Congratulations!, by the way).

I really liked the line, "My heart has found its perfect hand."

Amstaff Mom said...

That is really, really sweet.

Mark D said...

That's AWESOME Aimee!!