Friday, November 09, 2007

Remembering Pat

With spunky hair and faded shirt,
Old coffee cup in hand,
She smoked out in the garage,
As she made her next art plan.

My aunt, she taught me of so much,
Encouraged me when young,
I learned of creativity,
And that art was always fun.

In Chicago, we drew the pigeons,
In New Mexico, we made cows,
But no matter where Pat was,
Artistic freedom, she allows.

The earth it was a special love,
She recycled everything,
Doing her part for years before
It was cool to say “I’m green”.

She never criticized,
Accepted all for who they were,
Unique made them more beautiful,
Those different, she’d prefer.

She was strong and independent,
Brave and gentle in her fight,
You're lucky if you knew her,
Inside you saw God's light.

No longer does illness hold her,
Heaven is her new start,
Cancer took her body,
But God still holds her heart.

For my precious Aunt Pat.
May she rest in peace... 11/7/07