Friday, December 02, 2005


What if I had a superpower,
To help me day to day.
I'd use it to protect myself,
from all that comes my way.

Speed, strength, or flight,
All that I could ever want,
To be, play, or see.

If I could have a superpower,
My heart would never break.
I'd be calloused to what love is,
I'd close it all away.

To love is to be vulnerable,
So take my power away.
I need to experience pain,
If it hurts, I'll be ok.



FreeThinker said...

Is this superpower what you call "God?"

JCR said...

The question was "What if I had a superpower...". The examples given by the author were speed, strength, flight, invisibility. I don't see in my reading of the poem a mentioning or implication of God.

The point I see being made by Aim is that if one could somehow make himself immune to the pain of loss, to make himself unaffected by the agony of heartbreak, life might be easier, but it would be a life devoid of love. Aim implies that to love you must make yourself completely vulnerable...willing to risk being broken down into nothing. It's a risk worth taking, however, for love is one of life's greatest gifts. Would you not agree?

If, though, I were a person of "free thought" who disagreed with the beliefs held by people of faith, I might have read through the other posts on Aim's blog, deduced that she not only believes in the presence of God in her life but also finds peace and joy in this presence. I might have then sought to engage in a conversation much like yourself...or was it an attack? Probably not since it is coming from one who promotes "free thought."

One must ask, freethinker... through your question are you searching for the presence of God in your life? Were you brought here to know God? Or are you simply trying to force your "free thought" on someone else's thinking?