Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Happiness is a smile, but JOY is attitude.
Happiness is a friend, but JOY is a friendship.
Happiness is a sunset, but JOY is knowing it will rise again.
Happiness is being unique , but JOY is freedom.
Happiness is a kiss, but JOY is love.
Happiness is a house, but JOY is a home.
Happiness is a diamond ring, but JOY is a marriage.
Happiness is hot coffee, but JOY is a warm heart.
Happiness is a job well done, but JOY is pride.
Happiness is sharing, but JOY is giving it all.
Happiness is trust, but JOY is faith.
Happiness is what I do, but JOY is who I am.
Happiness is having money, but JOY is having an inheritance in Heaven.
Happiness is fleeting, but JOY is in my heart always.
Happiness is my strength, but JOY is my strength in the Lord.

Do not weep, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Hate You

*SLAM* The bedroom door crashes closed, shaking the wall with its force.

A small voice from behind the door yells out "I HATE YOU!!! You are SOOOOO unfair!"

Mom stood in the hallway, head hung at the painful words that her own child had just screamed at her. She sniffled as a singe tear drop ran down her cheek and off her chin. She closed her eyes and put her hands to her mouth, replaying the scene in her head that had just unfolded....

A 14 year old Jenny comes into the kitchen, dressed in her shortest of mini skirts, ready to head out for the evening. "Mom" she yells before she realizes that her mother is sitting at the kitchen table working on her laptop.

"yes, darling" mom replied as she slowly raised her head to look at her daughter... "what in God's name do you think you are wearing? Do you really think you are going ANYWHERE looking like that?"

"What?" the teenager retorts defensively, "this is what ALL the girls are wearing! I think it is just fine!"

"The only thing that is fine, is if you march back upstairs and put on something else! Your grandfather would roll over in his grave if he saw you looking like that!"


"Too bad!" Mom states firmly, while making a turn around motion with her hand through the air.

Jenny sighs loudly and then stops up the stairs making sure each step could be heard loud and clear from all over the house. Her mother followed her up the stairs and down the hall.


Opening her eyes, she began to think about those three little words again, and again. While she knew that those words were not really what was in her young daughter's heart, it still hurt. How could she be so insensitive to say such horrible words to the one who gave her everything, who picks her up when she falls, who teaches her and guides her, and who loves her with the most precious and unconditional love that only a parent can give.

The more she thought she realized that this must be how God feels when we turn away from Him.... when we hurt Him. He gave us everything. He picks us up when we fall. He teaches us and guides us... and He loves us with the most PERFECT and unconditional love that only our Heavenly Father can give.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


She went to the mailbox, dreading what she might find there.

She opened the mailbox door hoping that just this once it wouldn't be there... but it was. She turned over the envelope and ran her hand along the edge of the envelope carefully tearing it open. Inside she pulled out the statement and unfolded the first page. Page after page, the statement unfolded like an accordian down out of her hands and onto the ground. As the statement fell, so did her mouth... how could she possibly pay off this debt!

She reviewed the detail, line by line, until finally she got to the end. Confused, she read the word that was stamped at the end of all the pages. Instead of a total, the amt owed said "PAID".

She couldn't believe what she was reading. Could this really be taking care of? Was her debt gone or would she receive a statement next month with more charges and a fee for not paying off this one. As she ran her fingers over the words "PAID" again in unbelief, she noticed something written in small print just below it...

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law. Romans 13:8

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Daddy's Little Girl

A baby girl born of two’s love,
A twinkle in Dad’s eye,
A precious gift from up above,
Daddy’s little girl.

His little girl with ringlet head,
A performer, bold and loud,
She ran and played till time for bed,
Daddy’s little girl.

A teenager brought pride and stress,
Dad loved her as she grew,
Her parent’s patience she did test,
Daddy’s little girl.

Off to college that girl did go,
Independent and alone,
Years of hard work, it sure did show,
Daddy’s little girl.

Graduate, paycheck in hand,
A new side of Dad she learned,
Proud of him, now biggest fan,
Daddy’s little girl.

All grown up, inside you see,
A heart that still is young,
No matter what she’ll always be,
Daddy’s little girl.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Smack! Silence.

Flat on my back. With eyes cracked, I stare at the bumpy texture that covers the ceiling. The ceiling fan creeks as it spins quickly… round and round… round and round…round and round. It is quiet. Chilly, but not cold. Peaceful, but not still. I am alone. The white sheets surround me, hugging me, comforting me and my fluffy down comforter tops my pallet of bliss like a dollop of cool whip on the most wonderful piece of pumpkin pie.

“I think I shall stay here forever!” I declare to myself. I began to think of logistically how I would be able to get food and water to sustain. How I could have the newspaper delivered to my bedside so that I could keep up on the world. How I would get to watch Regis and Kelly EVERY DAY! How I could just use up my savings while I didn’t go to work. Hum? I might be onto something brilliant!

Buzz… Buzz…Buzz… Buzz… SMACK! Dang it! Up we go.

If only I could spend my snooze time like a normal person!

Sunday Scribblings Topic: Bed

Monday, June 12, 2006


She sat on a simple bench staring into the darkness of night. With eyes closed, she felt the warm summer breeze blowing across her face and through her long hair. She didn’t move, she didn’t talk… she just felt. Every tiny eyelash, every inch of skin, and every strand of hair… she felt it all move. With eyes open, she saw nothing. Life had been so busy, so all consuming, that she hadn’t stopped, she hadn’t felt, she hadn’t experienced… she had merely done. The breeze was calming… as if calling her to be still and experience. In the business of life, how had she missed this simple breeze? How could she feel beauty with her eyes closed? Refreshed by this calmness that had moved through her, she stood up, ready to face the day. The past was behind her, the future was ahead of her…she had been moved.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Like a jigsaw puzzle fresh out of the box, the pieces were strewn all across the room. She couldn’t find the box that it came in, and longed to see the picture that would someday be formed when the pieces came together. Confused as to where she should even begin, she found a corner piece… and another… and another… and another. There were four and on each piece were the faces of her family members, smiling back at her… supporting… loving. She started with the corners and slowly built out from there. With each piece she learned new things about the puzzle, she saw new things, and she understood the big picture better. The puzzle was intricate and difficult to figure out. She felt as if she would never really finish it, as if the puzzle was made to be completed by someone who knew more. Some of the pieces were big with pointed corners that were hard to fit, and other pieces fell into place perfectly, so easy and graceful. She liked it when she found those easy pieces, it was gratifying. Getting through the hard pieces though, making them fit… that felt even better. While frustrating to struggle with them, she always seemed to get through it. After figuring out the hard stuff, she felt as if she was more prepared to face another hard one, as if she was better because of them. Before she even realized it, she had almost completed her puzzle. It had taken a long time, years of hard work… but it was good time. She had worked from the outside in, and finally looked around the floor to find the final piece that would complete it all. There in the corner, she spotted it. As she bent down to pick it up, she was surprised at what she saw. It was a man’s face and the minute she saw him, she knew exactly who He was. She was frustrated as she realized that THIS piece was what made her puzzle complete… it was THIS man who had all the answers to the past that she had been trying to put together. From the first corner pieces of her earliest memories to the difficult pieces that take years to figure out, it was THIS piece that completed it all. He was the one who could bring it all back… who could remind her of all the pieces of her memory and show her what the big picture was. As she stood back at the end of her life, she now understood it all… she remembered it all. Every memory, every experience, every piece… they all made up the picture that was her life… and she smiled as she saw Jesus at the center.

Sunday Scribbling theme: Earliest Memory

Friday, June 02, 2006


Adios, Au Revoir, Goodbye,
She turned to leave with a sigh,
Three years of her life at this place,
Many friendly people she'd embraced.

Ciao, Shalom, Farewell,
Thanks for memories she'd yell,
To all those who'd made her job better,
They said they wouldn't forget her.

Arrivederci , Sayonara, So long,
Thanks for making me feel I belong,
The laughter, good times, and great food,
She felt blessed for the old AND the new.

Thanks to all of my Cardinal friends for making my experience a special one!!!
You will be missed- A

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wise Billy

All the masterpieces of art contain both light and shadow. A happy life is not one filled with only sunshine, but one which uses both light and shadow to produce beauty.
-Billy Graham