Saturday, June 03, 2006


Like a jigsaw puzzle fresh out of the box, the pieces were strewn all across the room. She couldn’t find the box that it came in, and longed to see the picture that would someday be formed when the pieces came together. Confused as to where she should even begin, she found a corner piece… and another… and another… and another. There were four and on each piece were the faces of her family members, smiling back at her… supporting… loving. She started with the corners and slowly built out from there. With each piece she learned new things about the puzzle, she saw new things, and she understood the big picture better. The puzzle was intricate and difficult to figure out. She felt as if she would never really finish it, as if the puzzle was made to be completed by someone who knew more. Some of the pieces were big with pointed corners that were hard to fit, and other pieces fell into place perfectly, so easy and graceful. She liked it when she found those easy pieces, it was gratifying. Getting through the hard pieces though, making them fit… that felt even better. While frustrating to struggle with them, she always seemed to get through it. After figuring out the hard stuff, she felt as if she was more prepared to face another hard one, as if she was better because of them. Before she even realized it, she had almost completed her puzzle. It had taken a long time, years of hard work… but it was good time. She had worked from the outside in, and finally looked around the floor to find the final piece that would complete it all. There in the corner, she spotted it. As she bent down to pick it up, she was surprised at what she saw. It was a man’s face and the minute she saw him, she knew exactly who He was. She was frustrated as she realized that THIS piece was what made her puzzle complete… it was THIS man who had all the answers to the past that she had been trying to put together. From the first corner pieces of her earliest memories to the difficult pieces that take years to figure out, it was THIS piece that completed it all. He was the one who could bring it all back… who could remind her of all the pieces of her memory and show her what the big picture was. As she stood back at the end of her life, she now understood it all… she remembered it all. Every memory, every experience, every piece… they all made up the picture that was her life… and she smiled as she saw Jesus at the center.

Sunday Scribbling theme: Earliest Memory


Mark D said...

Great post, Aimee, and I am finally back in blog land and caught up with yours (you are first on my list 'o links because they are in alphabetical order). I miseed your posts and am very encouraged and blessed by them.

Hey, I just played in a wedding today and thought I'd share something along the lines of your house/home post and the light/shadow post. When you plan your wedding, enjoy every step of it. Yes, it will be very busy, but to me it is a good, happy kind of busy (like I have been with preparing for the birth of our first baby). Do your very best to make it as planned-out and organized as possible, but in the end, just relax and enjoy it. There will always be little things that pop up - like today the mother of the bride couldn't get the unity candle lit. While the ceremony is a precious time of entering into the covenant, the ceremony does not make the marriage, just like a house doesn't automatically become a home. There will be light and shadows in your marriage, but keep communicating, keep putting God first, keep working on the relationship, and both the light and the shadows will become beauty.

I probably should have emailed this since it was getting a bit long, but oh well. You are a blessing and I am SOOOOOO happy for the two of you!

susanlavonne said...

This was so wonderfully written! Thanks for sharing :-)

JvS said...

A subtle take on the nature of memories. I like it.

andea said...

Great SS take. I like the metophore you used. There is always a bigger picture, isnt there.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

interesting post... it reminded of something I heard... that the process of therapy was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle in the dark.

papyrus said...

A wonderful post. I love the image of the jigsaw puzzle to express working through your memories; and with Jesus at the centre, so simple yet so obvious. He is the one who gives sense to everything.

Ben said...


Great post! Katie has written something similar before but not in this form.

I like them both! ;)