Saturday, June 17, 2006


Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Smack! Silence.

Flat on my back. With eyes cracked, I stare at the bumpy texture that covers the ceiling. The ceiling fan creeks as it spins quickly… round and round… round and round…round and round. It is quiet. Chilly, but not cold. Peaceful, but not still. I am alone. The white sheets surround me, hugging me, comforting me and my fluffy down comforter tops my pallet of bliss like a dollop of cool whip on the most wonderful piece of pumpkin pie.

“I think I shall stay here forever!” I declare to myself. I began to think of logistically how I would be able to get food and water to sustain. How I could have the newspaper delivered to my bedside so that I could keep up on the world. How I would get to watch Regis and Kelly EVERY DAY! How I could just use up my savings while I didn’t go to work. Hum? I might be onto something brilliant!

Buzz… Buzz…Buzz… Buzz… SMACK! Dang it! Up we go.

If only I could spend my snooze time like a normal person!

Sunday Scribblings Topic: Bed


alyndabear said...

LOL wouldn't it be wonderful! ;)

And do tell, what is the buzzing sound?!

boliyou said...

It took me a minute to get the buzzing sound too. I thought perhaps it was a fly, attracted to the pumpkin-pie perfection of your bed. Snooze alarms! I hate them!

paris parfait said...

I like the whipped creme on pumpkin pie analogy for the snuggly comfort of your bed. Lovely!

AnnieElf said...

Erika is right - a snooze alarm. My thought was of that other buzzing annoyance. I thought it was a fly dive bombing you out of your sleep.

Aim Claim said...

you guys are funny... it's my snooze alarm... the most dreaded buzz noise of all! haha!

Anonymous said...

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