Monday, March 13, 2006

Left and Right

You went left and I went right,
Never knowing of what wasn't in sight.

The past of youth was a winding road,
Paths cross but there were seperate loads.

The walk alone shapes and molds the heart,
To find a new path on which to start.

One and one will always equal two,
I know we are some of the lucky few.

You'll have left and I'll take the right,
Night then day, day and night.

Their place once empty, now there's two,
I was just keeping it warm for you.


Patti said...

I would like to know if I could put a link to your blog on my site. I love what you write.

Aim Claim said...

sure... thanks Patti

steve said...

Good stuff AIms!!

JCR said...

I finally get to sit down and read your blog

I thank God that we had different paths, that they eventually did converge, that we can be counted among the lucky few who know love that is true, and that finally your place is with me. I love you, Aim...a truly beautiful poem.

andea said...

This is really great! I love "home made poetry" and this is brilliant.
Consider yourself bookmarked as well!

Anonymous said...

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tumblewords said...

Lovely poem, just lovely!

Anonymous said...

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