Thursday, August 05, 2010


With such a history behind us,
And my future straight ahead,
Why the distance between us,
And silence in my head?

Surrounded by my loved ones,
With a life that's going well,
I seek you in the hard times,
but when good, where do I dwell?

I walk the walk and talk the talk,
But hidden deep inside,
I feel that something's missing,
Like part of me has died.

I say I want you close again,
But no action do I take.
Why do I sit and wait,
As my heart continues to break?

I miss that feeling all around,
To know that you are near.
I'm to blame for distance,
As I drift from you, I fear.

I pray for you to come to me,
But you been here all along,
I know the ball's in my court now,
But I keep doing it all wrong.

I hope this is a beginning,
To push me back towards to Truth,
I don't pray for things of this world,
My prayer is to be with you.

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